Apple iPads For Sale Online (2024)

From Minis and Pros to the Classic, here’s your guide to shopping for an iPad.

iPads are fantastic Tablet computers. If you’re curious about a new iPad but you are still trying to wrap your head around the various models, we have everything you need to know here.

How does an iPad compare to other Tablets?

An iPad is what Apple calls their line of Tablet Computers. A Tablet is a type of handheld portable computer designed with a single touch screen interface that replicates the input functions of a mouse and keyboard.

In general, there are three different ecosystems that a Tablet can belong to. These ecosystems depend on the operating system that the device is running and will determine what sort of software applications or apps that you can install. Apple uses their own operating system called iOS for their iPads.

When comparing an iPad to other Tablets it is worth thinking about the technology you already own. If you already own other Apple products like an iPhone, iMac or AirPods then you will likely find an iPad to be familiar to use and convenient to pair with other devices. Products within the Apple ecosystem work well together, making file sharing and access quick and easy. Any apps you have purchased on other Apple devices should be free to download if an iPad version is available.

What is the difference between a Wi-Fi iPad and an iPad with Cellular?

An iPad can connect to the internet using two types of networking technologies: Wi-Fi and mobile networks. All iPads can connect to the internet via an available Wi-Fi network, but only iPads that list “Cellular” connectivity can connect to a mobile network.

An iPad with cellular connectivity has a slot for a SIM Card and can connect to mobile 3G, 4G or even 5G networks in the same way that a Mobile Phone can. Like a smartphone, an iPad with cellular connectivity will need a separate SIM Card with an active mobile network data plan to use it. You will also only be able to connect if you are in an area with sufficient mobile network coverage.

An iPad with cellular connectivity is the most versatile, particularly if you are likely to be using it on commutes or out and about. Having access to a mobile network connection also works well as a backup at home or the office in case the internet cuts out or in case of emergencies, like severe weather events where you may experience power outages.

Can an iPad battery be replaced?

The iPad is a portable, handheld computer with a touchscreen interface. Like most modern tech, the iPad is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. These types of batteries charge quickly and are lighter, charge faster and are longer lasting than other battery types. But over time the battery will become less efficient as it experiences wear and tear from frequent use.

If your iPad is still under its original warranty or is covered by AppleCare extended warranty, then a faulty battery can be replaced by Apple at no extra cost. Apple will also replace an iPad battery outside of its warranty period, when the battery is worn out for an additional servicing fee.

There are things you can do to ensure your battery will last longer. A Wi-Fi connection is less power intensive than using a mobile network connection, but when there is no Wi-Fi in range you can save power by turning it off. Turning off Bluetooth when not in use and only charging the iPad when necessary to 80% of maximum capacity will also help.

Which iPad is best for me?

If you have your heart set on an iPad rather than another Tablet, then the next challenge will be figuring out which iPad works best for you. Apple offers a few different models across a range of price points.

The original 10.2-inch iPad model is a great entry-level iPad for entertainment and study. If you are looking for something to keep the kids entertained on a long commute or while out and about, this model will be a good choice but be sure to buy a sturdy iPad Case.

The iPad Pro is the premium line with powerful hardware and a variety of features that bring it in line with a MacBook. This is a great option for digital artists and creative professionals who use intensive apps like those in Adobe Creative Cloud.

The iPad Air has many of the iPad Pro’s features at a lower price point. Both these models are enhanced by using an attached keyboard and an Apple Pencil. The iPad Mini offers similar performance to an iPad Air at a smaller size.

Apple iPads For Sale Online (2024)
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