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Minecraft, is a role-playing video game in the Lego way, allowing you to design and develop your own universe.

As the game developed beyond its fundamental concentration on establishing block-based defenses against monsters, a variety of other features were added.

This has become a classic throughout time, featuring a wide array of distinctive traits. There are no constraints on the number of resources available to you while you’re in Creative mode.

In the game’s Survival mode, you may traverse the galaxy for new life forms and find new planets to colonize.

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Alternatively, you may establish a stronghold and amass weaponry to resist an invasion of monsters.

As the game grew, more and more features and materials were introduced. It is possible to customize Minecraft in a variety of ways.

This game is playable on a vast range of devices and platforms. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and PC are just some of the most popular gaming systems.

This is wonderful news for the Minecraft community. If you’re seeking additional games that elementary school children adore, check out our list of 15 amazing games like Minecraft.

Upon thought, what appears to be a basic notion may truly turn out to be the foundation for a game with practically unlimited variations.

This blocky universe has built and extended during the prior decade to get at where it is today. It is possible to customize the look, feel, and functioning of this game in many ways.

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Healer Minecraft Pixelmon

Using a Pixelmon Healer, any Pokémon in a player’s group may be entirely healed. You may utilize the device by right-clicking on it.

No matter how hard you try to break it down and reassemble it once it’s been dropped, the healer would be permanently broken.

Once a healer is planted, it cannot be removed. If broken by hand, it would drop nothing, whereas if it is broken using a pickaxe, it would drop one aluminum plate. Healers are unaffected by the Silk Touch enchantment.

Once crafted, there is indeed a slight possibility that you may acquire one of Porygon’s component pieces, utilized to construct the Porygon item.

Redstone current is emitted by healers when they are in use.

Healers could be painted with just about any dye. Change the healer’s color by right-clicking it with a dye in your hand after it has been installed.

Healers may be obtained at Pokémon Centers or crafted

How to make a Healer in Pixelmon: Minecraft

To create a healer in Pixelmon: Minecraft first off, users need specific resources such as Iron ingots, diamonds, and aluminum plates.

We shall first let you know how to craft aluminum plates and then go on to describe how you may craft a healer for yourself.

Craft Aluminum plates

  • Step 1: Obtain the essential supplies

First off users are going to require a stove and a crafting table. You’ll also need a piece of wood and 13 iron ores.

Based on just how many aluminum plates you would like to create, that is the number of bauxite ores you should be acquiring and a suitable amount of coal.

  • Step 2: Head into the crafting desk

  • Step 3: Organize the pieces to make sticks

To drop them into sticks, just place a piece of wood in the machine. It will be providing you 4 pieces of sticks but users should only be requiring just two

  • Step 4: Walk over to the stove

Toss a lump of coal and your bauxite ore. Coal consumption is directly proportional to the number of bauxite ores available. Then just let them ignite in the stove.

  • Step 5: Ignite the iron ores

Allow for them to disintegrate while they burn in the furnace.

  • Step 6: Gather the aluminum

  • Step 7: Move back to the crafting table and manufacture a hammer.

So, 2 sticks and iron are required. In the crafting table, place the iron ingots and sticks in the desired configuration for a hammer.

This should get you access to an iron hammer.

  • Step 8: Make an anvil

To create an anvil, arrange the iron in the crafting table’s boxes according to the specified layout. You will be rewarded with an anvil after you have completed this task.

  • Step 9: Set your anvil on the floor

  • Step 10: Position your aluminum on the top of the anvil

Assemble your hammer and anvil by placing the aluminum on top and hammering it down with the hammer you made earlier.

The aluminum plate would be yours after you’ve pounded it down enough. Keep it in your stock and utilize it as and when necessary.

Craft the healer

When you are done with crafting the aluminum plates, follow the instructions listed below to craft a healer.

  • Step 1: Put the iron ingots

The four corners of the crafting table should now contain the newly obtained iron ingots.

  • Step 2: Place a diamond in the middle

How to make a Healer in Pixelmon: Minecraft - Stealthy Gaming (2)Make sure to grab a diamond beforehand and then put a diamond in the middlebox of the crafting table

  • Step 3: Set the aluminum plates in place

Set the crafted aluminum plates on the remaining boxes of the crafted table and there you go. Users will now possess a healer with them.


1. How do you heal in Pixelmon?

Tap the Main Menu in the Map View to heal or revive a Pokémon. Items may be selected by tapping on them. To heal or restore a Pokémon, choose a Potion or Revive from your Bag of tricks.

2. Can you shatter a healer Pixelmon?

PCs may be crafted, acquired in various Pokémon Centers, or gained as a drop from certain Pokémon.

Even while a pickaxe might break a PC quicker, it will still drop as an item regardless of how it was broken. The PC does not heal Pokémon as it does in the Pokémon games.

3. What is the healing instruction for Pixelmon?

/pokeheal [player]: This phrase should cure the given player’s Pokémon, or the command user’s Pokémon when no player is provided.

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How to make a Healer in Pixelmon: Minecraft - Stealthy Gaming (2024)
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