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Rainbow Six is one of the most exciting, tactical shooters on the market today. With a focus on realistic gameplay, you’ll need to work with your team in order to win. With that, there are a ton of settings that help you get the edge in competitive play or in practice situations. Playing controller on a game that has such a huge pro-player base on PC makes it quite difficult to find settings that can boost you to the top. Yes, having the tactical game sense and awesome strategies is important, however, if your turning speed is slow, or you can’t seem to control that vertical recoil, you probably need to start at the bottom.

Your settings!

Finding the right settings without any help is pretty much impossible. You need a base that you can test, try and tweak!

Here are the best Rainbow Six Siege settings for console, all in one place, so you can start practicing! From my personal graphics settings to pro players and console champions, this is the perfect place to start!

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The Best Controller Settings

Controller settings are a major component to improving your aim and hence your competitive prowess in Rainbow Six Siege.

From your sensitivity settings to the controller layout, it is all-important.

However, when it comes to recommended settings, or using pro player settings, it is critical you practice and change these depending on what you are used to. It is all well and good being told you need “100 horizontal sensitivity to flick onto everyone who fires a bullet”, but if you can’t move without spinning into a wall, what’s the point?

Controller settings do need to be original but getting inspiration from champions and professional controller players is also a very good place to start.

Who better to use as the inspiration than someone who is a PC CHAMPION using only a CONTROLLER!

That’s right, someone who can compete with the best mouse and keyboard players, using a controller.


The YouTuber and pro player has taken R6 by storm using a controller on PC and so there is possibly not a single set of settings better to use as a base than his. It is quite hard to argue with someone who can do it on both console and PC with a controller.


To compete with the highest ranks, you have got to be quick. Quick to turn, quick to aim, and all while being ACCURATE!

This is the main reason why Royal Penguin uses 100 horizontal sensitivity. Being able to check those corners quickly is vital.

The vertical sensitivity does not need to be as high, 35 is optimal. Being able to control recoil is a major aspect of siege, and if the vertical sensitivity is too high, you will end up shooting dirt. Left and right stick dead zones MUST be at 5%. The lowest possible. This is to reduce the area around the thumbstick that doesn’t respond to stick movement. This will improve your accuracy as the joystick movement will correspond more accurately to in-game movement. The only reason to increase your sensitivity is if you are experiencing controller drift due to damaged joysticks.

Controller rotation for RoyalPenguin, and many others, is classic. The updated rotation was introduced with an update to give a player a “more consistent progression of rotation speed.” However, this was not as good as it sounded. Rather than being able to make more fine aimadjustments, like with the classic rotation, the updated rotations are all one speed and can end up feeling sluggish. Classic can give you a lot more precision and speed when required. Aim assist must stay disabled, as it does not work in multiplayer, only in training grounds.

When it comes to ADS Sensitivity, RoyalPenguin uses standard ADS sensitivity at 100. If you are like me, however, and prefer to have separate sensitivities for each optic, try this website to find the optimal sensitives for each one using your current ADS sensitivity. If your preferred ADS sensitivity is 100, your optic sensitivity would be as shown in the image below.

The Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings For Console - Nerd Lodge (1)

RoyalPenguin’s controller settings, all in one place below.

The Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings For Console - Nerd Lodge (2)

After putting these settings into your own game, I recommend starting up a house training ground. Clear the majority of the enemies, then head to a secluded place and practice aim training. This consists of practicing the recoil and switching between multiple static targets. You must then take steps to adjust your sensitivity appropriately.

Button layout

The button layout is a little more simple. If you have a Scuf controller like RoyalPenguin, use the back bumpers to crouch to make your movement a little more evasive. If this is not possible, I recommend switching your L1/LB to crouch and your secondary gadget to circle/B.

What Graphics Settings Does A Console Champion Use In 2021?

Now when it comes to graphics settings on console, you can be a little less original. The best settings are a little more rigid and you can get away with a little less testing and tweaking. For these settings, we are going to be mirroring a top console champion and content creator, who plays primarily on Xbox.

Revolt Robbie.

General settings

In general settings we have everything pretty much kept on default. The only thing important here we need to address is the “Drone after prep” setting.

Robbie uses automatic, however, I personally prefer semi-automatic, as it does not pull you off of your drone and into the round if you were controlling it. This helps you not lose your drone to an enemy trying to destroy it.

The Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings For Console - Nerd Lodge (3)

Audio Settings

In R6, the audio is HUGE.

Hearing footsteps or operators placing gadgets can truly be a game-changer and while having the best audio hardware is important, your settings can make or break what you can truly hear. Obviously, the languages are going to be your preference, however, you can choose whether you want subtitles on or off.

Robbie recommends a master volume of 70, a music volume of 0 (this is unnecessary), and a dialogue volume of 70.

The most important audio setting, that you may need to test a little bit, is the dynamic range. Revolt Robbie prefers Hi-Fi, as this tends to amplify the audio, making explosions and gadgets louder. I personally prefer night mode, as this seems to amplify the enemy’s footsteps, making it a lot easier to hear approaching attacks.

Give them both a go and see what you prefer.

The Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings For Console - Nerd Lodge (4)

Video Settings

VSync turned off is a must.

For ages, I could not work out why my gameplay was so choppy, and I constantly blamed it on my internet.

Turns out, it was VSync. Just turn it off and watch the reactivity improve from gaining the most frames possible.

You want to increase your brightness to around 60-64 to see into those dark, dark corners that players always seem to hide in!

The Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings For Console - Nerd Lodge (5)


If you are struggling to start, or improve in R6, I recommend giving your settings an adjustment, starting with these.

As stated, adjustments are necessary with any recommended settings, but these are undoubtedly the best Rainbow Six Siege settings for console to get started with!


The Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings For Console - Nerd Lodge (2024)
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